A Pie in the Sky

grimaldisRemembering this is NOT Yelp, I will try my hardest as a Sicilian NOT to LOVE Grimaldi’s too much. We love food. This is a fact. The thing is when you have two Italian bloggers (nothing to do with this post), and they love pizza, we get serious. Need to grab a pie for the beach, the kids, date night, movie night…? Grimaldi’s in Downtown At The Gardens is where we go by default. Not by default because we can’t find a better pizza place (if you own one and want us to try it, please email us asap), it’s just our tastebuds are addicted to Grimaldi’s. Blame them! Yes it’s a chain, and yes, don’t worry about it. I usually sit outside if it’s not so hot out and I try to avoid Tuesdays because they have wine specials. That’s a joke, especially if you read the blog about my love for Vino. 

grimaldis 1

Pies, Salads, Desserts oh my ! You can make your own pie or order their chef’s selections. They have great starters also, but here’s the secret… since my blogging buddy and I tend to come here way too much. Plan out your meal. I’m serious. Have a strategy. If I go hungry (when am I not?), I will split a salad and get a medium pie. Your eyes will big way bigger than your belly. Trust us! So at the end of the delicious meal when you realize you’re stuffed with glorious goodness, don’t worry about it because the next afternoon, you also realize you have the BEST lunch ever. #Leftoversfordays #Welovepizza 




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