Coffee 101 in Juno Beach

So my friend Marisa (teacher and mommy of 2) was coming down to Juno from Boston this past season and the very first thing out of her mouth was, “Where do I get my coffee fix?” Marisa, I dedicate this to you…

Papa Kwan’s Cafe is my absolute hands down go to for coffee. Period. I’m not critiquing, I am just being honest. Don’t fret, I will be reviewing more of the places that feed my caffeine addition. Anyhoo, PK’s is the closest to my house, so yea, you know how that goes. So what do I get? Rum infused nitro cold brew coffee and avocado blue toast, anyone? Me, me, me!  Yum! The avocado blue is my favorite thing they offer! I really do try to try something else and I have, but the blue is my staple. It’s my thang! I do love tuna, so I am going to try their tuna salad asap!

The island vibe is welcoming (music included and thank you because I use to live on a rock) and this place is hoppin’ come season or off. PK’s menu also includes smoothies, bowls, sandwiches, pastries and so much more! Oh, I love how veggie and environmental friendly they are (no, I’m not a Vegan, but love that they cater to them) and they also use paper straws. Boom! They even have an abundance of provisions and beachy knick knacks to buy. Need some adult beverages to take to the beach? They got you covered with beer and wine to go. Wifi is available (incase you must check in with work) and they have both indoor and outdoor seating. Joel, the owner, is always around to greet you with a smile and all of his employees will also greet you with a warm home welcoming. If you’re lucky enough to be a regular, they will definitely know you by name. Don’t hesitate to make this coffee cafe your morning pit stop. Many of us Juno Beach residents already do!

Ps. I must have taken 8 pics of my avocado blue at the beach, but of course, I can’t produce them when we decided to start a blog ! Will add soon! Promise.

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