Going Coco For Coconuts

Are you a local that wants to feel like they are on vacation? Ok, here’s the scoop. Park at Ocean Beach Park on Singer Island and walk the beach or street to either the Marriott or the Hilton beach bars. We recently visited Coconuts at the Hilton. They have a happy hour from 4-6 p.m. during the weekdays and a couple of tv’s to watch the game. In addition to the rum buckets and frozen cocktails they have a handful of craft and domestic beers on tap. The view is stellar (ok, it’s better than stellar, more like dazzling, superb, a top 10, AHHHHMAZING… you get my drift) and the service is always great! What to order? Mahi mahi tacos all the way. It says it’s a locals favorite on the menu, but that’s probably because I’m always ordering them. My blogging partner ordered the quesadilla and said it was great! (She’s never had the mahi mahi tacos- her loss). Even in July when it’s pushing 95 degrees, there’s a fabulous ocean breeze. Stay the entire day, an hour, or just for a drink. Enjoy! 


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