No Pearls Here, Just Oysters!

Growing up going to Rhode Island, the Cape, and New England we have our “summer memory” cravings. Mine are oysters! I popped over to Spoto’s in Palm Beach Gardens at 5 p.m. on the dot. As a local one must completely embrace the off season here in Florida because I was the only one at the bar. I mean the only one. Actually, I am still the only one and it’s almost 6:00 p.m.. If I were to come here at 5 pm in December, forget it. Standing room only. I got my 1/2 dozen Blue Point fix… (I actually lived in Blue Point once) and then another 1/2 dozen. Don’t judge, everyone does it! At least that’s what Danny the bartender said, who which by the way was so attentive, I mean, yes, I was the only one, but …. yeah. Anyhoo, the specials have always been on point and are a must (see pics). I honestly feel like I own the place right now… oh wait the bill just came. Good thing it’s 20% off and my beer was $4.00. Just promise me that you’ll save me a seat at the bar in December.

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