Vino For Days

Who doesn’t like a glass of wine (or beer) on a hot Florida summer evening? We do, We Blog picsdo ! I must admit I have passed The Vine Post in Juno a handful of times before I actually realized it wasn’t just a vino store, but it also had a bar! (Thanks Yelpers) Do you hear my silent cheer? Whooooooo! I came here on a weekday evening and found myself at the back bar. My blogging compadre met me soon after. The two women working that evening were so wonderful and helpful with discussing the happy hour selections (YES THEY HAVE HH) and just talking with me about the wines and the shop.

On their website it states that they have a … “heartfelt approach”… and I couldn’t agree more! The Vine Post has many events, including wine tastings and I can’t wait to check one out. When I or we do, this post will be updated. I think this would be a great place to host a small gathering for a birthday party, girls/ guys night, or a first date drink! I believe this place is almost a year old, so perhaps you could visit, have a drink, and celebrate their birthday! The best part is you can make a purchase at their store on the way out. Can you tell I love wine?

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