Brew News

Sometimes we take field trips…and well worth it! 

If I am at a bar or restaurant, chances are there is a beer in front of me.  It is definitely my choice of drink when ordering so writing this blog is going to come easy for me, especially because this brewery has become one of my favorites.  West Palm Brewery and Wine Vault is a small but vibrant brewery located in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach. It is fairly new but has already become a favorite among locals and visitors.  I went on a Saturday night and the atmosphere was lively and welcoming.  It is wide open with plenty of seating at the bar. They also have tables, table tops, and outdoor seating.  They have several televisions and a brick oven in there open kitchen where you can view your meals being made.  Yes, I said meals.  Many breweries do not offer food or bring food trucks to their site.  Not here…..the food is made fresh and is as amazing as the beer.  I’ve had the meatball sliders, Bavarian pretzel, chicken wings, and Margherita pizza.  You will not be disappointed in ordering any of those.  Now on to the beer!!!!  They have a large selection of beers that they brew in-house as well as beer that they call “guest beer” from other breweries.  I have had their lager and porter, both cold and refreshing.  They have a long list from Saison’s to IPA’s.  If you happen to enjoy and nice glass of wine, not to worry.  This brewery not only has delicious food, cold craft beer, but serves wine as well.  Yes, they have it all.  Their happy hour is weekdays from 4pm-6pm and they offer tours of the brewery on weekends.  With all the local breweries in the area this is a must and a favorite of this blogger.


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