Brunch With Michael Jordan

TRUE story- Growing up I was a HUGE Chicago Bulls fan. I use to stay up late and watch all of the games and what better games to watch than the ones against their rivals, the NY Knickerbockers. Am I showing my age? Anyway, Michael Jordan, not Lebron (that’s not a dig, I promise) and his partners opened up 1000 North in Jupiter this year. We popped in a couple Sundays ago for brunch, ok not for the full brunch (I wasn’t quite hungry from my dinner the night before), but for one boozy brunch cocktail. 1000 north

We decided to hit up this place in the off season. One, because it would be less crowded and two, maybe, just maybe we would get to see Mike. I mean Mr. Jordan. To be completely honest… more honesty is good in blogs, right? I was a ginormous fan of MJ’s point guard BJ Armstrong. As a matter of fact, I still have his jersey. Ok where was I? Right… BRUNCH! The brunch menu looks nothing short of amazing (check it out below) and I just can’t wait to revisit and actually eat brunch Mike. I promise. We promise. We sat at the bar where we were warmly greeted by 1000 north1

the bartender… no, not Mike, who was very attentive and even brought us some pastries. Many seats at 1000 North host an amazing view of the intracoastal waters and of the infamous Jupiter lighthouse. The boats were docking one by one the day of our visit and were welcomed and escorted up to the restaurant by an employee. They have complementary valet parking , but I’m pretty sure you can park your own car too. 1000 North does have a members only section upstairs, but that’s an elevator I won’t be riding anytime soon. I mean, unless there’s a member of 1000 North reading this that would like to invite us for a tour. I hope I am not giving the yelping impression that this place is uber fancy (people were arriving by boat for brunch in swimsuits and coverups).

There’s also a great outside bar near the water with TVs that could be showing old clips of MJ and the Bulls. Ok ok… I’ll stop.  If you’re up for brunch today and you’re in the area, I would completely check this place out. If you’re lucky enough to be a lo1000 north2cal, you may not even need reservations, as it is the summertime in Jupiter, so why not take full advantage of it! Crowds are low, but brunches are still in full effect! Also, according to their website, starting Wednesday 7/18, 1000 North will be implementing a summer social hour deal from 3-6 p.m. Another SCORE! 

Like Mike, if I could be like Mike. Enjoy! 

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