Summer Is Winding Down, But Your Kids Aren’t

Surprise!  It’s a different type of post today…

Summer is quickly coming to a close and pretty soon you and your kids will be back to the school grind.  If you are looking for one last camp to have your kids attend, I have to suggest the camp that my kids attended.  Aloha Surf Camp!!!  It is held at Loggerhead Park in Juno Beach.  This is by far the best camp my kids have attended in all their years doing summer camp.  Neither of them have ever surfed before so I was interested to see how they would take to it.  Let’s just say that if my middle school son was up and ready to go at 8am each morning to get there by 9am, you know they are doing something right.  The counselors were young and personable.  We were greeted each morning with beach music playing and welcoming smiles.  My kids learned how to surf, water safety, and had fun jumping on the water trampolines.  The hours are from 9am-1pm daily.  You have the option of doing the camp for a week or even just a day.  My kids always felt safe and have been asking when they can return.  It’s a win/win for kids and parents.  Aloha! 


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