Take Me To Lynora’s



It’s meatball Monday!!! As I was getting ready to put one of my drink pictures on snap, one of the filters said “Take me to Lynora’s.”  I thought what a great saying.  I went to the Jupiter location ( they also have a West Palm location) about 2pm on a Sunday so I was there when brunch was just about finishing up and happy hour was about to begin.  I’d say I timed that right.  The place was bright, open, and inviting.  They have indoor and outdoor seating. I took a seat at the bar and ordered the Deep Eddy vodka.  It is $5 you call its.  Other drink specials during brunch include bottomless bellinis, mimosas, and Peroni for $18.

IMG_4044It is mix and match which makes it fun and runs from 11am-3pm on Saturday and Sunday.  My drink was delicious and the bartender Mark was very attentive.  As 3pm rolled around and my blogging partner arrived to join me, the bar had become filled.  They have an open kitchen with a wood burning oven which the bar over looks.  My drink choice switched to beer for happy hour.  They have domestic and imports, both bottled and tap.  I chose the Due South Carmel Ale and my blogging partner had the Ferris Meuller (love the name).  Both were cold and delicious. Drinks are 50% off and happy hour is from 3pm-7pm everyday!


If reading past posts you already are aware that we both are Italian (ok she’s 1/2 Irish) and thoroughly enjoy Italian food.  With that said, I had to order the meatballs.  I am slightly biased to my mom’s meatballs but I had to try them since orders from other patrons kept passing us by. They come three to a bowl and are covered with their homemade marinara sauce and a heap of ricotta.  Yes and yes!!  They were on point and I see why so many were being ordered.  They were $10 during happy hour or if you go on Meatball Monday, they are only $2 each. I also crushed their Margherita pizza, which was light, flavorful, and comes with freshly grated parmesan. The pizza on Monday is only $8.  Their summer special is a buy one get one 50% off on all entrees Monday-Thursday, 3pm-6pm with half off bottles of wine. This summer I will definitely be inviting my friends for food and cocktails at Lynora’s.  See you there!






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