Test Driving and Wine Tasting



The perfect spot for National Wine and Cheese day!

Please note: Test Driving and Wine Tasting … not to be confused with wine tasting then test driving (always drink responsibly). So back to the good stuff. I test drove a Tesla!  Yes I said Tesla.  It may not seem like a big deal to test drive a car, but what if I told you I arranged it out of the mall. As I was waiting for my iPhone to be repaired, I decided to wander around the Gardens Mall.  Tesla has their own store.  I couldn’t help but walk and stare at these amazing machines.  The gentleman was very friendly, shared his knowledge of the car, and offered me a test drive.  Really?  Why not?  I made an appointment a few days later and came back to see what all the excitement about thisIMG_4003 car was.  My number one guy joined me the day of because we decided to make a date of it.  Steve, the advisor, came out of the store and accompanied us to where they keep all the cars.  Right in the parking lot of the mall my ride awaited us, running, and with the air conditioning already on.  It was the Tesla SUV (the x series).  The car was incredible. Every aspect of this machine was top-notch.  It is an electric car but from its power when I stepped on the gas you couldn’t even tell.  It goes 0-60mph in 4 secs!  Everything was automatic and can be controlled from the owner’s app.  The car doesn’t even shut off until a few seconds after you leave the car.  The reasoning…in case you wanted to get back in it would still be nice and cool.  I’d say that is the perfect feature living in Florida. I thanked Steve for the experience and headed to Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant where part two of the date took place.

We first decided to do a wine tasting.  That takes place in the front of the store.  You simply stand at the counter and the server shows you three different tastings to choose from.  I chose sweet, and my guy chose the variety.  There are 8 different samples and they explain each one to you.  It was a perfect way to come down off my high of driving that performance car. The tasting is a casual way to sample a variety of wines.  From there we headed to the bar in the restaurant and already knew which type of wine we wanted from having sampled earlier.  The bar was busy, but we were served right away.  They serve wine, cocktails, and beer (on tap and bottled).  As hunger set in we ordered the Candied Bacon & Artisan Cheeses appetizer.  It paired nicely with our wine.  I highly recommend this dish when ordering.  The cheese is unlike any other, the bacon crispy, and the bread warm. It definitely hit the spot and was the cherry on top of a perfect evening. So if you are looking to experience something a little out of the ordinary, I suggest a test drive and a wine tasting.  Have fun! http://www.tesla.com  http://www.chwinery.com


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