Island Vibin’ in Jupiter


Happy Friday! From someone who frequents the islands, U-Tiki in Jupiter can most certainly help me reminisce about my amazing times on the rock. There’s a great happy hour at the bar from 4:30 – 6 p.m and the menu is seafood heavy (NOT complaining). Expect the parking lot to be overflowing in season and the wait to be quite long. This is a GOOD thing! Even in the off season, this place is packed. Why? Location, Location, Location.  Waterfront dining, the lighthouse in view, sand, boats… what more could you ask for? I stop here once in a blue moon to get my ocean breeze water view fix, most recently, a couple weeks ago. Fortunately, we were able to walk in, belly up at the bar without waiting and get a refreshing libation.  We were on a mission for an ice cold beer and U-Tiki was there for the assist. This would definitely be a place I would take out of towners just for the location status and beachy island ambiance. From locals to visitors alike, you will find them here… and mind you, always coming back regardless of how many times they must circle the parking lot.


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