Growing A Community of Greatness

I know we just took a field trip yesterday, but this one can’t be beat! I promise! I woke up one morning a few weeks back and decided to finally scope out The Grandview Public Market. My friend who frequents West Palm more than I do has been telling me that I’m missing out, so I had to find out what she was talking about and I have to be honest, now I know why! What a fabulous spot for locals and tourists to check out! It only takes approximately 25 minutes south from Gardens, so what are you waiting for?


grand13The market hosts a plethora of small eateries that look nothing less than amazing! I arrived way before lunch, but they didn’t disappoint at the Rabbit Coffee Roasting Company. I ordered a Cinnamon Toast Crunch cold brew and it was simply divine. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few places that serve breakfast, but I was more on a mission to grab some pics before the lunch crowd rushed in. As far as food goes, this place hits every appetite. From breakfast bowls, sandwiches, poke, chicken & wine (yes please), thai ice cream, ramen, tacos, hummus, pizza, and more. I surrender! The market is open from 7a.m. -10:30 p.m. everyday and hosts a ton of events including Yoga, DJ, art shows, salsa dancing, and more!

Take a look at their webpage:

I am already planning my next visit with friends! Check out some of the spots:


In addition to eateries, they also have a bar, and a cute and charming shop called Quinn ( with a variety of gifts that include but are not limited to cards, coasters, glasses, candles, ice molds, corkscrews, games, shopping bags, cheese boards, and many knick knacks with witty sayings on them. Next to the shop is a large space where you can sit and enjoy your meal. There is also a huge space outdoors as well to unwind, dine, and meet some new friends.


One of my favorite parts of this market is actually what’s on the rise. Down the path made up of shells and you will find the pot of gold. Here’s a sneak peak! Can’t wait! Oh, and the flamingos? Well, they can’t wait either!


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