Boutiqu-ing In Bala

The Bala Boutique has two locations. One is in North Palm off of US 1 (R-pic) and the other is in Tequesta (L- pic) on Cypress Drive. Today we visited the one in Tequesta, where Eliza happily greeted us as soon as we walked in. Bala is the perfect place to snag an outfit that no one else will have around town or in your hometown for that matter. In addition to clothing, they have jewelry, hand/ clutch bags, light scarfs, baseball hats, pillows, candles, bathing suits, home goods, knick knacks, and Florida specific apparel. 

Upon entering the store, you are met with a plethora of vibrant items perfectly situated on colorful beachy antiquey furniture. Eliza told us that both stores are stocked weekly, so you’ll always have a reason to stop in! Both locations are flawlessly laid out so it makes navigating through the store extremely easy and everything completely accessible. After contemplating for 10 minutes, my blogging partner purchased an exclusive locals hat. Absolutely adorable! Definitely check out their Facebook page as they showcase new outfits everyday! 

Bala regularly hosts events throughout the year in addition to their amazing ongoing sales! Looking for a wine and shop night out? Birthday or bridal party? Bala’s got you covered. Party with at least 10 of your closest friends as Bala works with you on providing food, BYOB, and of course discounts for everyone! Hello, it’s YOUR party! What are you waiting for and… can we be invited? The best part of this boutique is the close knit community energy that it gives off.  Before you head on over to either location, be sure to check the days/ times the boutique is open, because I believe they’re both closed on Monday. No matter what item you chose from Bala you will most certainly get complements on it! My blogging pal just got one no later than 5 minutes after we left the shop! Guess I will have to go back and get that handbag. #truestory             

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