Sandwiches and more sandwiches

The sandwich, hoagie, sub, however which way you call it, there is an art to a good sub (as I call it).  At Rinaldi’s Deli, they have 31 different sandwiches on the menu.  THIRTYIMG_4419 ONE!  I’ll take one of each please.  This is a little local shop that prides itself on repeat business. People keep coming back for more.  With so many to choose from locals have their favorite or opt to try them all.  They also serve breakfast, and guess what is on the breakfast menu…you guessed it, sandwiches.  So here are a few of my favorites, The Calabrese (ok so I am half Sicilian and half Calabrese…not being biased) and The Chicken Philly (of course), I order them on the 10″ sub. You can also get a round roll. Both are filled with meat and mouth-watering.  For breakfast, I order the egg and cheese on a round roll or The Hurricane.  Now The Hurricane is another one of my favorites and I order it for both breakfast and lunch.  It reminds me of what my grandma use to make me as a kid.  Grilled chicken, potatoes, and cheese all mixed together.  Now this is served in a container.  So if I decide to order something else I usually order The Hurricane to go. Breakfast is served all day and if the 31 different sandwiches don’t appeal to you they do offer salads, smoothies, pasta, and burgers.  This is a cash only place so come prepared.  Their newest location is in Jupiter off Toney Penna and you will be coming back for more.


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