Winos & Beer Fanatics Alike

vinenbAre you looking for a unique and affordable place to hang out and grab a drink? Oh, and a place you can serve yourself? Look no further. The Vine & Barley has got you covered. The best thing is that they have two locations, one in downtown Stuart and one in St. Lucie on SW St. Lucie West Blvd. Both settings are very intimate. It definitely has a coffee shop vibe, but instead you can drink wine and beer while you work on your laptop. They both have big comfy chairs awaiting your presence, along with bistro tables, and a very quaint bar. Ok, getting back to serving yourself… how it works: You get a card from the bartender (Shout out to Desi, who was so delightful) and you put money on it. You go up to the wine machines and put your card in and selected which wine and what size pour you’d like. This experience is really awesome because it allows you to test drive the wine before you go and purchase the entire bottle. In addition to vino, they have beer. And man, do they have beer. The list is extensive. beersThey even had my blogging partners favorite on tap The MIA Hrd Water (whoops I didn’t tell her yet). The beer list is ever rotating and definitely worth checking out online. Food: They have a variety of cheese and meat boards as well as some flavorful desserts. If you’re in the mood for a full meal you can always head next door to the divine West End Grill before or after. The Vine & Barely has a calendar full of events including bingo, Wednesday wine downs, and live music. They also host occasional wine tastings throughout the month. So what are you waiting for? Grab your computer, your bag of work, and head down for some coffee. I mean wine and beer. Just make sure you proof read your work the next day. Enjoy!

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