A Turtley Fun Day


As a community, we are so lucky to have Loggerhead Marine Life Center in our backyard.  It is a one of a kind experience that locals and visitors should definitely visit.  Located in Juno Beach, this facility is home to the rehabilitation of Loggerhead Sea F9A25426-0BDE-4E96-AB98-B8B6CC4B7C7ATurtles as well as an education and research center. It is both indoors and outdoors.  The outside is covered in case of inclement weather.  As you enter, you have the option to go to the gift shop or the education center.  The gift shop is stocked with marine life gifts and décor to purchase. The education side allows you the opportunity to get an in-depth look at the life of sea turtles.  There are different species of fish you can view in tanks, with information provided about them.  The outside is where all the turtles who are going through rehabilitation are located.  Each turtle is given its own tank, named, and have a story to tell.  You can view the tanks from a window on the bottom or from above.  The little hatchlings are the only ones who share a tank.  The hospital is viewable and tours and feedings are provided daily.  Volunteers are always around to help with questions and share their knowledge.  The center is open daily from 10am-5pm and be sure to check out their webpage for events, tour and feeding times, and even turtle releases.  Loggerhead Marine Life Center is a must see in Juno Beach!  http://www.marinelife.org

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