The World Is Your Oyster




Calling all seafood aficionados. This one is for YOU! Presenting the Magic Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill in Jensen Beach off South Ocean Drive. Starting with the app list …Can you say oysters galore!?! Go ahead, name how an oyster can be prepared and they probably do it! And if not, I’m sure they would try!  In addition to their magical oysters, they have shrimp, tuna tacos, crab bombs, muscles, bam bam shrimp, calamari, and of course New England clam chowdah (sorry I had to). You might as well wear your loose fitting pants to this one folks! Next for the main courses… we have anything from horseradish crusted grouper, sesame seared tuna steak, filet mignon, crunchy grouper fingers (in house invention), a grouper reuben, and so, so, so much more. It literally took me a good 20 minutes to decide what I wanted to eat just from the well thought out menu choices. Meaning, EVERYTHING SOUNDED FABULOUS! clamNot only did it sound it, but everything coming out of the kitchen to the tables had me changing my mind. I wish you could see the ahi tuna tacos. They looked so good that we immediately dived into them and I was half way through before I realized I hadn’t taken a picture yet. Whoops- sorry! That’s when you know your plate is absolutely delicious! Anyhow, I couldn’t recommend the tuna tacos more! They definitely hit the spot! For the main courses we opted for mahi tacos and the magic oyster combo. Everything was fabulous! In addition to their regular menu, they have oyster, dinner, and drink specials daily! 3-6 p.m. is a prime time to get all the good stuff in! Did someone say buck a shuck? Check out their various menus to find out more here: 


All I know is that even though I was stuffed to the brim afterwards, the second thing in the car ride home I said was, “I can’t wait to come back.” The first was, “Boy, am I stuffed and happy!” The drinks were very refreshing and they also had some craft options on tap. There’s a couple of Tv’s to take in the game and from overhearing a conversation the bartender was having, they had the NFL package last season and will probably be implementing that again for all the football fans. The bartenders, Cecelia and Tara were nothing short of amazing and very accommodating. It was awesome to hear them greet their locals with their first name as well. The location of the Magic Oyster is in a small strip mall next to the Hutchinson Island Post Office, but that doesn’t take away from it’s cozy corner beach – like setting. There is no need to pay the high rent on the beach with this place. With it’s adorable nautical decor all over and cozy canopy covered outside seating, you won’t even realize the beach is across the street. There is no doubt that there will be a line out the door of this place during season. This local hot spot is a definite in my book ! Have fun! 



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