Let’s Get Ready To Roll…

I have to admit, I am not the best when it comes to bowling, however, I do love going every time the opportunity presents itself.  I have found myself going more often ever since Bowlero in Jupiter took over for the old Jupiter Lanes.  The money they spent on renovations is quite apparent.  It appeals to both adults and children.  They took away the carpet on the floors and they added two larger game rooms.  The bar is great with 799E7BF2-4F73-4EEF-8305-6D3EA21AA941plenty of comfortable seating and two billiard tables.  They have table seating throughout and leather couches to sit on while bowling (no more rolling chairs).  You can order food and drinks right for your lane which is an added bonus.  They have television screens behind the lanes and the lighting adds to the fun.  Bowlero has totally updated their menu with a variety of items to choose from.  Parties are always taking place when I am there, and it is not only birthday parties.  Be sure to check out their webpage because they offer different specials each day of the week.  This place is packed with fun for both kids and adults.  They did a great job with the upgrades….now if only I could upgrade my bowling game.  Have fun!  https://www.bowlero.com/location/bowlero-jupiter

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