The Pure and Simple Lunch

I love menus that are straight forward and not stuffed with an abundance of chaotic options. If you are looking for fabulous, simple, and healthy options for lunch, you must visit The Lunch Box off Northlake in PB Gardens! Even though this place is in the Winn Dixie Plaza, it may be a tad hard to spot. Just look for the Busy Body Fitness Center in the corner and you will spot the sandwich board of specials outside on the sidewalk in front of this quaint eatery. The Lunch Box is open from 9-4 p.m. everyday, but Sunday- closed. They offer subs on 8 or 12 inch fresh rolls or if you prefer, they also have a couple of wrap choices. Some sandwich options are BLT, grilled chicken, veggie, meatball, Italian combo, roast beef, turkey, chicken salad and tuna. Salads with the option to add a protein are also quite popular for the healthy conscious. The smoothies and juices seemed to be a big hit when I visited. I guess being located next to a gym has it’s perks. They will even add some protein powder if you’d like. I ordered a zumba acai bowl (my attempt at being healthy) that included banana, strawberries, peanut butter, granola, honey, and coconut. It was light, refreshing, and surely hit the spot. My bestie opted for the Italian sub, which I most certainly snuck (ok stole) a few bites of. And I quote, “This is even better than a Publix sub.” I kid you not, that was stated during this lunch and for those Publix sub lovers, you may just have to opt over to The Lunch Box and try it out! The bread itself was so airy and fresh and the inside fixings of the sub were delectable and filled just right. What I found most intriguing about this spot is their simplicity. Even though their menu only has a few options, their establishment was full of people. This definitely says something. Subs, salads, and smoothies. A triple threat in my world. Enjoy! 


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