Take On Me … Take Me Home

Do we ever just get take out to take home? The answer is… YES! That Friday night after kaothe gym or work when you just want to grab something and put your feet up with some deliciousness or the day after Thanksgiving where you don’t want to cook and just want to grab a bite after all that Black Friday shopping. Say no more! One of the places I frequent is Kao Gang Thai, Sushi, and Noodle Bar in Gardens off PGA Blvd. The last time I pulled up and ordered take out I was dressed to the nines (sarcastic) in my gym shorts and tank top. I may have even just come from the gym, so apologies to whomever sat next to me at the bar as I ordered a glass of wine and placed my take out. Even though it is the off season, the place was legitimately pretty busy. The employees were very attentive and my meal came out in a jiffy! I am a groupie when it comes to spicy chicken pad thai, but today I ordered chicken pad see eew. Look at those glorious nuggets of chicken! In addition, (judgement free zone) I got a side salad with peanut dressing. #healthy 



Let’s start with the apps, which range from $5-$19 and that’s for a sample platter of money bags, thai dumplings, and mini rolls. The apps present a wonderful mixture of eats. From gyoza, calamari, hamachi, aki tofu, satay, to kobe tuna. Kao Gang also offers many veggie and gluten free options on their menu. In addition to their lengthly, but amazing spread of soups and salads, they have chef specials ranging from lobster pad thai to osso buco. There’s also a great variety of  super bowls from duck noodle soup, udon noodle soup, to kale noodle soup. Fried rice dishes, the main entrees, and the catch of the day are also plentiful and descriptively sound amazing. Curry and noodle sum up the menu and let me tell you, definitely don’t disappoint. Pad thai, yaki soba, pad kee mao and much, much more. Don’t forget about happy hour… it’s 3- 6 p.m. everyone! $3 all beers, $5 house wines, $3 hot sake and sake bombs. They also have food to go along with your thirst, which includes rolls, tapas, and al a carte sushi.  Take a look here for the wealth of food: http://www.kaogangpga.com

After dinner and about mid Netflix is when my sweet tooth chimed in. Since I don’t keep sweets in my house (scouts honor), this is the time that I regret not grabbing a sweet on the way home and/or contemplate going to get ice cream. Luckily, I fought the urge and told myself not to ruin my fabulous gym workout I had hours before. Oh wait, does that wine count? Here’s the best part of Kao Gang, if you don’t feel like going anywhere: Delivery Dudes www.deliverydudes.com and Chow Cab Jupiter www.chowcabjupiter.com have got you covered. Sit, relax, and enjoy! 

Where is your favorite place to get take out? 





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