Zing, Zip, Zhang !

I happen to walk by Mr. Zhang’s Fine Chinese Cuisine on a Friday night and I could not believe how packed it was. I frequent the strip mall in the Donald Ross Village a fair amount, so I was excited to see that this cozy quaint restaurant had every table taken.  It is always a good sign when restaurants are busy. The next day I couldn’t stop craving Chinese food, so off I went to Mr. Zhang’s.  I was quickly greeted and taken to my table.  The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and has a comfortable feel to it. When viewing what others around me were having, I noticed the size of the dinner portions. WOWZA! I immediately thought of the most delicious leftovers I will be having tomorrow. I ordered the pan seared pork dumplings for an appetizer. It came four to a dish and these dumplings were not only loaded with the filling, but loaded with exquisite flavor.  As for the main dish, I chose the Kung Pao Chicken. The dish was very delightful and loaded with some heat- just how I like it. Visually, the dish had an elegant presentation. In addition, they offer a multitude of amazing dishes like, orange and Mongolian beef, roasted duck, curry chicken, kung pao shrimp, lo meins, chow meins, egg foo young, as well as many healthy selections. Let’s not forget about the cocktails. It is not just the food portions that are large in size, but the drinks too!  They also have an admirable bar that had sports on the televisions. Win win!  I definitely left feeling full and satisfied. Going home with leftovers is always a plus in my book.  Mr. Zhang’s is open for lunch and dinner, and of course who doesn’t love a good take out.  I enjoy eating local and I am so thrilled I came across this spot.  http://mrzhangchinesefood.com/index.php

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