Super Bowl Hot Spot Playbook: Kirby’s

Patriots vs. Rams! Did your team make it into the Super Bowl? Well, we decided to rewrite and re-blog this post for everyone that would like to head out and grab a seat to watch the Super Bowl. We will be posting one hot spot a day so you can plan your football adventure! Let’s continue…

50730792_2205161776409434_4490335192107450368_nKirby’s is one of the favorite neighborhood bars in Juno Beach. Kirby’s hosts happy hour from 2-7 p.m. A legit 5 full hours to get your drink on! (Always drink responsibly). They always have daily additional food and drink specials posted on a white board at the bar. Some of the hh offerings include Tito’s or Jack Daniel’s for $6.50, Baltimore Bloody Mary or fresh squeezed Orange Crush for $6.00, and Captain Morgan for $5.50! Let’s not forget the hops. $16 domestic beer buckets and $22 for imports are also available. Whoooooweee! The house made crab cakes are a Kirby’s staple. In addition to the cakes, they have peel and steamed shrimp, crab dip, bacon wrapped scallops, muscles, clams, seafood potato skins, an assortment of yummy nachos, and their delicious kettle chips. fb375e0f-65b2-4802-8318-3a40dcdbfab8Be forewarned! They are addicting! Burgers, sandwiches, tacos, pizza, a wealth of seafood options, and prime rib are also offered. Kirby’s is the place where you come to watch the game, order wings, sip libations (the mixologists have a great pour), and just chill out and relax. They have football specials during the games (see pic) and will be offering them for Super Bowl. It’s also a great place to hit after the beach, even if you still have sand lingering on your feet. Kirby’s loves their local regulars and seasonal repeat customers who always make it a point to stop in. They have high tops, tables in and out, and speaking of tables… they also have pool. Score! They are kid and doggie friendly outside for sure. The bartenders are always serving with a smile and will get to know you by name. Thank you Jamie. Do you hear that? It’s the Cheers theme song. Now if only Kirby’s had one. Any composers out there? See you at the game!


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