Super Bowl Hot Spot Playbook: Yard House

Patriots vs. Rams! Did your team make it into the Super Bowl? Well, we decided to rewrite and re-blog this post for everyone that would like to head out and grab a seat to watch the Super Bowl. We will be posting one hot spot a day so you can plan your football adventure! Let’s continue…

YARD HOUSE in Downtown at the Gardens is a great upscale sport bar for viewing the game. Whether you want a table or a seat at the bar, your best bet is to get here early or see online if there is a wait. Trust us, there are many reasons for the crowds… the hundreds of beers, the casual vibe, the numerous TVs, and of course the food. This Downtown at the Gardens location is the perfect venue to add to your Super Bowl viewing list! Let’s begin with the food…20793AA2-6168-43BD-989D-7A3A31CF6F04 Any nacho fans out there? Yeaaaasss! Then you’ll definitely enjoy the loaded goodness they pile high on the plate. Who said nachos were suppose to be neat? There’s no skimping on the toppings here folks. The diversity of snacks and apps offered at the Yard House will satisfy all appetites throughout the entire Super Bowl. Buffalo cauliflower, deviled eggs, truffle fries, street tacos, chicken lettuce wraps, poke nachos, spinach cheese dip, quesadillas, an enormous onion ring tower, sushi, fried calamari, and of course… game day wings! For the main courses: The Cuban roast pork dip is most certainly a fan favorite. The red mojo sauce is superb and ties the whole sandwich together! The Yard House does a wonderful job accommodating their gluten free and vegetarian customers with an entire gluten sensitive menu! Take a look at the rest of their extensive fusion focused menu here:

6D922E02-285C-49AF-AACD-F8F62335FF8EIt feels like there are a bazillion beers on tap, so if you want to try a couple, a flight is the way to go! If you have your fav brew already picked out, why not go for the yard of beer! Go big or go home! (Always drink responsibly). Happy hour is offered weekly from 3 – 6 p.m. with half priced select appetizers (25 apps to choose from) and pizzas. Take $2 off of draft beer, $3 off 9 oz wine, $4 off yards, and $2 off spirits and cocktails. There’s also a late night hh Sunday- Thursday from 10p.m.- close. Keep a lookout on their website for different football promotions. The Yard House is a perfect Super Bowl spot!




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