X Marks The Beer

img_7351The Side Door Brewing Company located right off US1 in Port St. Lucie has officially been added as one of my most favorite local breweries! I almost want to keep this place a secret, but everyone deserves to have amazing beer! Speaking of amazing and just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Side Door Brewing Co. is hosting a chocolate beer pairing on 2/14/19 with Castronovo chocolates for $16! If you don’t know about these local award winning chocolates from Stuart… check them out here: https://www.castronovochocolate.com/

img_7363-1Now… on with the beer. Sipping on beer at the Side Door was like hanging out with friends you’ve known for years. Curt, part owner, was so welcoming and made us feel right at home. The crowd was bustling and there was a line to get your growler filled. Speaking of which, Monday is 1/2 price fill your own growler. Yes, any growler. It doesn’t have to be a Side Door one, but maybe you can snag one of their impressive brewery shirts instead. We ordered a full flight of 11 beers. The ginormous and colorful selections came out in a rustic wooden flight and at the end are two door knobs. Quite fitting to their name sake I’d say. My favorite beers were the Star Fruit Saison and Sweet Tater Pie. The latter at 9% will sure put some pep in your step. They also had some unique and fun beers such as the Mango Salsa and Raspberry Jalapeño Jelly. Talk about some spicy goodness ! Whoooweee. The main bar can hold about 12 people, but they have plenty of other small side ledges and tables to make yourself comfortable. They also have a couple of TVs, a dart board, corn hole, and other fun activities that you can ask Curt about. Side door has tons of events, including ladies night every hump day with drink specials, sip and paint nights, and they’re also a participant in the Wine Ale Trail.

What’s that you ask? Keep reading…

img_7360The Side Door, along with their neighborhood pals Hop Life and nine other local breweries and wineries are a part of The Wine Ale Trail. After you purchase a beverage, you get an X on each location on the map. When the map is filled up, you will receive a “treasure” at the end of the last location. How fun! Check out all the details/ rules here: http://www.TCWineandaletrail.comimg_7359 The Side Door also offers a lunch special from 11:30 – 3 p.m. that includes a sandwich and a pint for $4! You can’t beat that! They also have some amazing rotating food trucks throughout the week. Some past visitors have been The Taco Trap, JYD BBQ, Dune Buggy Dogs, and Keri Kay’s Kitchen. You are encouraged to BYOFood or feel free to snack on the complementary shelled peanuts. So there you have it folks! The secrets out. Go visit this place ASAP! You’ll thanks us later. Cheers! https://www.sidedoorbrewingcompany.com/ https://www.facebook.com/SideDoorBrewingCompany/


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