The Inside Scoop

After leaving the beach on a perfect Saturday afternoon, a stop at the Juno Square Shops to have an afternoon snack was a must. The original plan was quickly set aside when something else we’ve been meaning to try caught our eye. Could it be? Oh yes! Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for … a new ICE CREAM stop! 07d97ae9-6d5c-4fe9-a8ac-1190a67ad060Opening just a few months ago, the Loxahatchee Ice Cream and Coffee company aka LICC is serving up homemade ice cream just minutes from the beach. In addition to the ice cream goodness, this family owned shop offers coffee, smoothies, cakes, sundaes, and chocolate goodies. It was a difficult decision with so many mouth-watering options, but the final decision made was to go with the cannoli ice cream, and why not go for broke, the blue raspberry and cotton candy Italian ice too! A definite score on each. The ice cream was creamy and had little chocolate dipped cannoli pieces in it. The Italian ice was sweet and totally refreshing. They even have a game of tic tac toe right on the table you can play while you enjoy your delectable treats. What a cute idea! With its perfect beach location, and it’s variety of desserts to enjoy, LICC is going to be a definite favorite among locals and visitors. Local spots for the win! Can’t wait to go back for more yummy sweets!


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