Drink Local MJC

img_8436Ever crave a healthy hydrating drink after the gym? Did you forget your morning smoothie on the way to work? Need a breakfast snack to take to the beach? Better yet, ever just want to chow down on a delicious açaí bowl? Look no further because the Modern Juice Company in Jupiter or Stuart can provide all of the above and more! A pit stop at the MJC in Stuart was made the other day (again, long over due), and the welcome couldn’t have been more warm by the employee behind the counter. Something light was to be had, so the Refresher sounded divine. It’s a smoothie made up of pitaya, coconut h20, lime, mint, orange juice, and pineapple. It’s just what I needed after my brutal workout. The freshness was certainly evident and enjoyed immensely. In addition to smoothies, they offer over the top bowls and crisp juices. See the complete menu here: https://modernjuiceco.com 

MJC opens nice and early at 7 a.m. M- Sat., so if you need an eye opener or a healthy refreshment to get you going, simply make a pit stop on your way to work, the beach, your friends house, or wherever you may be headed. Definitely scope out their IG as they enjoy pairing with other places in the area to provide pop up food options. They just concluded a lunch special with District Table in Stuart. How fun!

Drink fresh, and of course… support local! Well done MJC!


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