You Wanna Pizza Me?

Pizza? YES please!!! Tucked away in the corner of the Jupiter Square Plaza is Goodfellas Pizza. Upon entering, the staff warmly welcomes you like you’ve been a regular for years. The restaurant is picturesque with black and white photos of New York adding to the decor. The menus are given and then there is the most difficult decision of all… what to order? Since pizza is the main hunger pain tonight, the sausage and ricotta pie (suggested by staff) was ordered without any hesitation. The sausage was thinly sliced and filled the entire pie. The ricotta paired perfectly with the slight spice of the meat. The homemade sauce was33E21A0C-753F-4A3E-92DE-88709182293F light, flavorful, and made the pie complete. The sprinkle of basil on top of the Grande authentic cheese added the perfect amount of sweetness. In addition to this delicious pizza, they offer traditional cheese and meat-lovers pies, but also several specialty pies including steak, buffalo chicken, and taco pizza (taco Tuesday pizza may be in the near future). You can also order by the slice. Calzones, pasta dishes, subs, salads, and stuffed rolls round out the menu. Self service drinks of soda, beer and wine are available. In addition to Jupiter, they also have locations in Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce. Delicious pie and great service always go hand in hand, so whether having delivery, carry out, or dining in, this family owned and operated pizzeria is definitely one to check out.

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