Say It Ain’t So!

For 20 years The Original Tiki Bar located at the Fort Pierce Marina provided the food, the drinks, the live music, and of course… the amazing view overlooking the Indian River! After months of wondering and hoping it’s all a dream, The Original Tiki Bar will finally close on Sunday, April 28, 2019. From calamari, conch fritters, ahi tuna, a raw bar assortment, shrimp, clams, chowder, and their daily fresh catch, they always had everyone’s seafood cravings covered. In addition to their yummy eats, the staff was always warm and welcoming. What do you say? Show your appreciation for this wonderful crew one last time and get that delicious rum bucket while they last! We will miss The Original Tiki Bar immensely! Just incase you’re wondering, Cobb’s Landing, Bluewater Beach Grill, Little Jim Bait Tackle are still open, going strong, and ready for us to make new memories!

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