Beachy Burgers


On occasion our appetite explorations take us to Vero Beach. Cue the cheeseburgers. Yep! These are not just any burgers folks. Casey’s Place established in 1981 by resident local Casey Stiel, has become one the most popular casual spots to catch a bite. Whether you’re at the beach, shopping in town, or just driving through, Casey’s Place is a must stop when in town. The menu is absolutely delightful and extremely mouthwatering. Open at 9 a.m., Casey’s Place is serving up breakfast until 11 a.m. The breakfast sandwiches are a hit and who can say no to a hash brown or 16 oz coffee, OJ, or drink included. The lunch and dinner menu contain a fabulous assortment of eats including cold or hot deli sandwiches, which are perfect for your beach day! From turkey, corned beef, tuna salad, veggie, grilled cheese, bbq pork, reuben, BLT to even a fish sandwich! Fresh salads, soups, chili, grilled chicken sandwiches, and hot dogs also round out the menu. Now can we please get to these absolutely splendid burgers! 6 oz USDA black Angus chuck is caseys 2cooked to order. Casey’s Place is ready for you to customize your burger cravings by offering a plethora of yummy toppings. You will not be disappointed! The deluxe cheeseburger is amazing and one of the best I’ve had in a long time! It was cooked perfectly, and every bite was savored. What exactly is in Casey’s special sauce? Beer, wine, and soft drinks are readily available to quench your thirst. How does ordering here work? Head to the counter where a friendly employee will patiently wait while you perfect your cheeseburger order and then wait for your name to be called. Speaking of waits… did someone say lunch rush? Don’t say we didn’t warn you. There are a number of tables, chairs, and umbrellas outside, but the line may be lengthy. I’d be lying if it didn’t cross my mind to have someone at the beginning of the line order me a side of fries for the wait. Don’t worry… You’ll survive and it goes by quick. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning that beach day to Vero Beach and make sure to stop by Casey’s Place. You won’t regret it.

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