Chi- Talian Beef, Dogs, and Pizza!

Craving some amazing Italian based Chicago hot dogs, Italian food, or pizza? Pusateri’s, located in downtown Stuart is calling all Chi-town fans a like. They take immense pride on their ingredients being fresh and prepared daily, and it’s very obvious. The modern times of making pizza are not what Pusateri’s are about. Keeping the family traditions alive and using the old style ways are what sets this place apart. The best advice when planning to visit Pusateri’s is to note that this place is snug. There are only a handful of tables inside and out, so prepare to wait or order to go. The menu is extensive and most certainly has Chicago-Italian written all over it! Let’s take a look: Fried cheese ravioli, onion rings, garlic bread, antipasto, the infamous Italian beef sandwich (originating in Chicago), the signature sausage sub, a classic meatball sub, Chicago- style dogs, create/choose your own pastas and sauces, baked ziti, chicken fra diavolo… and so much more! Ok, ok… on to the PIZZA! Their infamous Chicago thin crust is a must! The legend himself, grandfather Rendino would be so proud his legendary traditions are still being kept alive! Pictured is the Chicago Fire… warning, this pizza is hot! It’s only for those taste buds that don’t mind a little heat! Meatball, thin sliced Italian beef, hot Giardiniera… whoooweeee! High quality and delicious! Take a look at the rest of the menu here (including beers and wine): Everything is cooked to order and the Pusateri’s are committed to serving you the best! Give it a try!

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