The Aroma Is Astounding!

img_7655Picture this… you finish dinner in downtown Stuart and are walking to your car. Suddenly, you smell this scrumptious aroma that is literally filling the streets of downtown Stuart. Must find NOW!!! Signature Sweets Chocolate & Ice Cream is a family based company that is a must when in town. From handcrafted and innovative chocolates and ice cream, this place will most certainly appease any sweet tooth. The flavors are endless when it comes to ice cream and gelato, which was the main goal of the night. Apple strudel, rum raisin, mango, special praline, key lime pie, and chocolate peanut butter to name just a few. They even have milk shakes and self serve! #yummy Don’t feel like ice cream or gelato, don’t worry, because this place has something for everyone. Fudge, pretzels, decadent chocolate covered apples, caramel corn, and chocolate EVERYTHING! Fruit dipped chocolate, chocolate bark, caramel, Twinkies, champagne truffle, Oreos, coconut, Rice Krispies, clusters, strawberries, even… wait for it BACON! The list goes on and on! This is a one – stop shop of true hand crafted sweet perfection! Need a gift? They have a large assortment of gift boxes already ready for you! From birthdays, weddings, holidays, or work gatherings, these homemade products will certainly win everyone over! Put your signature on this place immediately! Enjoy!

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